42,000 Axies Banned Over Multi-Account Abuse | Axie Infinity Ban Wave Update

Author Shiela Bertillo

Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn non-fungible token (NFT) player, announced that it had banned 24,000 axies across ~ 10,000 Ronin accounts last Friday, November 19.

“Furthermore, trying to change the weapons you play is a violation of our rules. We will continue to strive to protect the efforts of the millions of Lunacians who sincerely support our community,” the organizers wrote in a statement. “

Earlier today, November 23, the game published changes related to this ban.

According to the latest amendments, all 18,505 axies have been banned because they are subject to “misuse of several account rules.”

“This affected the time one person played and made money on most Axie games over a 24-hour period. This type of violence is devastating to the economy and the community – we must all work together to hold each other accountable in our laws,” said the planners.

In addition, the developers reminded the course providers to ensure that their professionals do not display themselves and that each student has the opportunity to use a single account.

“Other possible activities to prevent this include educational activities that interview Axie’s interviewers, and video interviews,” the developers also suggested.

In line with this, Axie Infinity changed the ban on the weekend after finding fault with their cognitive systems. He also changed the rules of operation to make the rules of accounting more transparent.

“Innocent axies” along with other axies sold in the market before the error in realizing all the waves were not banned.

“We also recognize that some of the banned axies are those of good supervisors who are still learning to properly evaluate professionals.

It also reminds players, managers and treasurers to read and reflect on what has been changed Terms services such as “future barriers will not be forgiving.”

Last September, Axie Infinity also imposed a major ban on players abusing electronic power when 30,000 axes were allowed.

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